Pornfluencer (74 min, Documentary) – the new influencers nobody mentions but everybody knows of.
Jamie Young and Nico Nice aka Youngcouple9598“ aka Andreea and Nico made a fortune as “Verified Couple” on porn websites.
Now they live their dream under palm trees in the tax haven state of Cyprus. But how does it look off the stage?
Joscha Bongards Documentary starts off as a sex-positive portrait and turns into a multilayered exploration of love, shame, influence, and success.

Now on DVD and VoD.

Director: Joscha Bongard
Writers: Joscha Bongard, Wolfgang Purkhauser
Executive Producer: Louis Wick
Cinematography: Jakob Sinsel
Editor: Wolfgang Purkhauser
Music: Jonas Vogler
Sound Mixing: Johann Meis
Motion Design: Wolfgang Purkhauser
Animation: Simon Zeltsmann
Porn101 Narrator: Maximilian Mundt
Poster Artist: Luzie Kehle
A Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Production
In Distribution of Salzgeber