This Will Be My Last Cigarette

A privileged millennial struggles to be a good member of society. Greta Thunberg is watching and so is an old white man, commenting on her every move.
A matter of life and death!

Starring: Adele Journaux, Joe Sheridan, Arthur Mazet, Patrick de Valette, Jimmy Conchou and Chloé Lecerf
Written and directed by Joscha Bongard & Alma Buddecke
Produced by Stella Markert & Felix Schreiber
Cinematography by Holger Enck & Markus Ott
Edited by Vreni Sarnes
Production Design by Roxanne Merolle
Costume Design by Stella Markert
Music by Jonas Vogler
Sounddesign by Julian Berg & Marco Dahl
Audio mixing by Johann Meis
Visuell Effects by Vincent Maurer
Motion Design by Felix Preis